5 Unique Ways to Include that “Something Blue”

Weddings can inadvertently cause a lot of stress -- especially if you’re looking to include classic traditions, like “something blue.” If you’re the kind of girl who still wants to follow wedding traditions, but not let it impact your own wedding style too much, here are unique ways to include that special wedding-day touch.

1. Nail Polish

Get a mani and pedi in a fierce sapphire blue or go a little softer with a pastel shade. Even if you can’t pick a shade, go ombre! Either way, it’ll be a subtle way of sporting your good luck. (Remember, there’s no rule that you need to have royal blue, so sticking to an aqua color or a Tiffany blue is a nice way to put a more sophisticated spin to it.)

2. Lingerie

Wearing a soft shade of blue brings a little sexiness and fun to your wedding day. You’ll be the only one who knows you’re keeping with the tradition, until it becomes a cute surprise for your wedding night!

3. Your Vows

Write your vows in blue ink or have them handwritten on elegant blue paper.

4. Shoes

Since your wedding dress will most likely cover your shoes, no one will spot your blue pumps but you! However, if you’re looking for a more subtle touch, you can shop for a shoe with a blue sole.

5. Eye Shadow

A darker, blue eye shadow is another subtle way to include blue in your wedding. And let’s face it: all eyes will be on you on this special day, so wearing blue in this unique way will surely be memorable.

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