Sherie's Corner: How to Customize your Bridal Style

Did you fall in love with a dress that's a little out of your budget or just...still not exactly what you want? Can we talk? For example, let me share a story that just recently happened in the salon. A bride comes in with pictures of gowns she has tried on at other places. I put her in several dresses that were similar, each of which she liked a lot, but something about them was just missing the mark. Not to worry, Janine and I waved our magic wand and Voila!, we started putting together her dream dress.

So do we really have some Bridal magic fairy dust here at Blossom? No, not really, so how did we do it? By understanding the construction of a garment, we are able to suggest subtle changes to enhance an existing dress to make it exactly what the bride wanted. Using materials in the store (including a veil!), we were able to make her vision come to life in front of her eyes. Seeing is half the way to believing, and before the bride left the salon, she had three different looks to consider that were all exactly what she had been searching for.

Did you know that almost any neckline of a dress can be changed? Some options include going from straight to sweetheart, or adding beading, lace or appliques to change the existing look. Don't like strapless? Add a strap, or even a full sleeve; decide whether you want your sleeves to be off the shoulder or capped, or maybe create a less common neckline, such as a halter top or a one shoulder strap.

Bottoms, although not as easily changed, can be altered as well. Janine had a bride a few weeks back who will be adding cascading layers to her otherwise princess seamed, satin gown to create an entirely different effect. Also, sometimes companies will change the fabrication of a skirt to create an entirely different look; changing satin to tulleing will create a gown perfect for Cinderella in a cinch - no mice needed!

More simple changes including adding a belt or additional appliques to a dress, or just adding extra tulleing underneath a skirt to increase the drama and fullness of the bottom. For the bride who cannot decide which silhouette to wear, why not have both? Purchase a mermaid gown, and then choose either a sheer, ethereal overskirt from companies like Jaclyn Jordan, or have our seamstress custom create a full ball gown skirt that is easily removeable. None of your guests will know that you have on a fitted gown on underneath during your ceremony, and you will absolutely wow them at your reception with your new second look!

How are we able to accomplish all of this? Our personal fairy godmother, that's how! In all seriousness, Dalia Cohen is our bride's dream come true. Not only has she been an established bridal seamstress for over 30 years, but with a solid education and comprehension of bridal gown construction she is able to bring all of Janine and I's crazy ideas to life. After utilizing the customization resources that our designers offer to our brides, Dalia is almost always able to provide the necessary finishing touches. We love taking a gown and customizing it to our bride's preferences; there is nothing better than seeing the happy glow on our bride's face when she realizes that her dream gown can actually become a reality.

Want to see what we are talking about in person? Call 516.678.0888 to schedule your appointment. We'd be happy to help you find your missing glass slipper!

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