Destination Brides - How to Find a Comfortable Gown that Still Shines.

Featured Image: Sottero and Midgley's Joni Gown

Over the past several weeks, we have had a number of brides with Destination Weddings. It seems that our brides are travelling to a number of exotic and intriguing locations, ranging from the Dominican Republic, to Mexico and even Jamaica! One of the first concerns these brides share when starting their bridal shopping appointments is, "I need to be comfortable, but I still want it to be a wedding dress."

But how can that be done when discussing a Bridal Gown? Between all of the boning, layers of crinoline, heavy crystals and the occasional desire for shapewear, how can "comfortable" even begin to fit into the mix? The good news is, it can, and here are some tips to help you figure out how!

Tip 1: Find gowns that use fewer, or even, no layers of crinoline.

Listen up ladies - this tip is key. Typically, Brides having destination weddings still want a gown that looks bridal, and has a bit more to it than a standard dress. Although normally seen in sheath styles, designers of late have been creating soft trumpet or even A-line shaped gowns with no crinoline beneath the outer layers. What this means is a lighter gown that still has a more classic bridal silhouette.

Of course, another option is to remove the existing crinoline in a gown. This option will allow the gown to fall softer and straighter to the floor, removing some of the excess weight of the dress. Although this is also a great option, it is often more difficult for Bridal Consultants to give you a good idea of the finished product, as they can only clip the layers of crinoline back for a bride to see. If you have a good imagination, go for it! Otherwise, try to find those styles that already do not have crinoline in them.

These dresses are beautiful examples of gowns that do not have crinoline that are available to try on in the Blossom Brides salon:

Essense of Australia D1676 Maggie Sottero Magnolia

Tip 2: Watch your fabrics!

Although a bride can truly wear anything she wants, there are a few fabrics that actually help to create an incredibly comfortable fit for the wearer. Two fabrics that have trended in bridal for destination brides in recent years are Chiffon and Organza. Both are light, airy materials that flow nicely and allow for comfort in warmer weather. Organza has the added benefit of having enough strength to hold it's shape for use in more dramatic styles, such as Mermaid or Ball Gown.

In love with satin, but afraid you'll be uncomfortable in it? Take a look at Charmeuse, which has the look and feel of satin, but the flow of Chiffon. This sumptuous fabric will be a delight to wear while still providing the look you love.

These dresses are excellent examples of gowns in destination friendly fabrics, such as Charmeuse (left) and Organza (right), that are available to try on in the Blossom Brides salon:

Enzoani Jamila Maggie Sottero Melissa

Tip 3: A Dress can never be too much, but if you're worried, simply add a spaghetti or halter strap!

Sometimes a destination bride falls in love with a gown that she worries will not fit the feel of her wedding. Whether it's too fancy or too formal, fashion does set the tone of an event, and it is important for a Bride to feel that her look sets the right mood for her wedding day. One way to scale the formality of a gown back a bit is by adding a spaghetti or halter strap. These straps tend to create a more laid back feel, and may just add that extra level of comfort to make a gown perfect.

An added bonus? Most strapless dresses come with spaghetti straps included! You may want to consider beading them to match them better to the dress, but at least you will already have them nearby.

These dresses are excellent examples of gowns with slim straps (that would otherwise seem very formal) that are available to try on in the Blossom Brides salon:

Essense of Australia D1934 Sophia Tolli Cloris

This week, we have chosen our featured samples based on destination styling. As always, our featured samples will be exhibited in the salon window during the upcoming weeks, so feel free to stop by and view our stylized looks for these two gowns in person! For a more personalized experience, call 516.678.0888 to make an appointment to try on these and the other beautiful dresses we have at Blossom Brides!

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